Welcome to official website of Barnala Police, The purpose of hosting this website is to provide a link between the Police & Public at large so that the citizens can voice their grievances, offer suggestions and seek police services at the click of a button. This website will facilitate transparency in the functioning of the Barnala Police and further it is hoped that this interactive relationship between the Police & Public will help Barnala District Police in preventing crime and winning the confidence and trust of the people of Barnala.

Our core objective is to provide fair, impartial, efficient, transparent and accountable police administration. We dedicate ourselves to serve the people in a high tech manner as this website endeavours to provide information about officers, Telephone numbers, Police Station addresses, Wanted & Missing Persons, Status of Passport Verifications, Status of Arms License Verification, RTI, Complaints, Safety Tips & Precautions etc. It is our persistent effort to improve commitment in our working and make Barnala District Police more professional, responsive and people friendly. I hope this effort by Barnala Police will be well appreciated and will help us in serving society at the best.