Seven Tips for All

Seven Tips for All :

  1. A magic eye and a door chain are a must for your door. Use them before opening the door to any stranger.
  2. Your unverified servant, chowkidar or tenant may be criminal. Verify him through the police at once.
  3. You love your car but thief is equally desperate. Just an extra door and steering lock will keep him guessing.
  4. Ostentation of extra jewellery in open places has always proved dangerous. Beware of robbers and snatchers! A burglar always looks for a chance to break into your house.
  5. Put extra grills on your doors and windows, use extra strong locks and always inform your neighbours before going out.
  6. No gift and no lift! Tell your children not to accept gifts from strangers not to take a lift from strangers nor to take a lift offered by unknown people.
  7. Whenever you are in crowded place, keep a sharp lookout for unclaimed objects. These could be bombs.