Foreigner’s Registration


Foreigner’s Registration Office

                      Registration of Foreign Nationals Visiting India a. All foreigners (including foreigners of Indian origin) visiting India on long term (more than 180 days) Student Visa, Medical Visa, Research Visa and Employment Visa are required to get themselves registered with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO)/ Foreigners Registration Officer (FRO) concerned having jurisdiction over the place where the foreigner intends to stay, within 14 days of arrival. However, Pakistan nationals are required to register within 24 hours of their arrival. All Afghan nationals are required to register with the FRRO/FRO concerned within 14 days of arrival except those Afghan nationals who enter India on a visa valid for 30 days or less provided the Afghan national concerned gives his/her local address in India to the Indian Mission/FRRO/FRO. The Afghan nationals who are issued visas with ‘ Exemption from police reporting’ are exempt from Police reporting as well as Exit permission provided they leave within the Visa validity period.

All Business Visa holders are required to register themselves with the FRRO/FRO concerned in case the aggregate stay in India on Business visa exceeds 180 days during a calendar year.


b. Foreigners other than those mentioned above will not be required to get themselves registered, even if they have entered India on a long term visa provided their continuous stay in India does not exceed 180 days. If the intention of the foreigner is to stay in India for more than 180 days, he/she should get himself/ herself registered well before the expiry of 180 days from the date of arrival with the FRRO/FRO concerned.


c. Foreigners (including minors above 16 years of age) have to report in person or through an authorized representative to the appropriate Registration Officer for registration. Medical patients may be exempted from appearing in person for registration


d. Registration is also required in the case of visa less than 180 days and if there is special endorsement “for registration required”. However foreigners entering on Entry(X) and Business visas valid for more than 180 days are required to register with the FRRO, FRO if they continuously intend to stay for more than 6 months i.e. more than 180 days on each visit. (But exempting visa bearing endorsement as “Stay not to exceed 180days hence no registration required).


e. All the Indian Missions shall stamp the visas of the foreigners mentioned at (a) above (except Business Visa) to the effect, “REGISTRATION REQUIRED WITHIN 14 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF ARRIVAL” in India. As regards (b) above, the Indian Missions should stamp the visas to the effect, “REGISTRATION NOT REQUIRED IF EACH STAY DOES NOT EXCEED 180 DAYS”. In case of Business visa, following endorsements shall be made: “CONTINUOUS STAY LESS THAN 180 DAYS – NO REGISTRATION”, “IF STAY IN A CALENDAR YEAR EXCEEDS 180 DAYS, REGISTRATION REQUIRED”.


f. Apart from the above, foreigners entering on Tourist, Journalist and any other category of visa which is valid for more than 180 days and do not have a special endorsement of “Each stay 180 days hence no registration required” are required to register with the concerned F.R.R.O.’s, F.R.O.s within 180 days of their arrival. Foreigners (including minors) have to report in person for Registration.


 g. Ordinarily, the registration process is completed on the same day, but it may vary in those cases where field enquiry/other checks are required to be done by the registration officer. The above guidelines are valid for all cases except those where visa has special endorsement regarding registration.


Documents Required At The Time Of Registration

1.       Registration .application form(available at FRO)

2.       5 Photographs (PP Size) for adults.

3.       3 photographs (PP Size) for minors (unto 16 years).

4.       Proof of Residential Address in Barnala.

5.       Two Photo Copies of main pages of passport containing photograph, personal particulars , Indian Visa and latest arrival stay in India.

6.       Indemnity Bond.


For PIO Card/OCI (Overseas Citizen Of India)

Foreigners seeking for PIO Card or OCI Status may contact:- On website

Level-II East Block-8, R.K.Puram
Section-I, New Delhi.

Joint Secretaries (F)
(MHA), Govt. of India,
Mann Singh Road, Jesalmer House
New Delhi