Barnala is one of the districts of Indian state of Punjab. Barnala is well known City in the centre of Malwa region. There were three States (Riyasts) of Malwa. Out of which Patiala was most famous. At that time Baba Ala Singh was its head.
There are different opinions about the nomenclature of Barnala. It is the combination of two words namely  Barn and Ala. A Sandhu  named Barn resided here at Barnala and  Baba Ala was his adorer. These both personalities served the humanity and a name came out for the town as  “Barnala”. Barnala is well known for its Industries.
Apart from this, Barnala remained a nerve-centre of special activities during Praja Mandal movement and Sh. Seva Singh Thikriwala was also a prominent Praja Mandal activist who was born in village Thikriwala just four kilometers away from Barnala. Every year on January 19, in his memory a three day fair-cum-festival is organized where political conferences are also hosted by various political parties.
Two main Industries Trident Group of Industries which is mainly known for its world class towels is established in this District. Second a large Industry producing combines, Standard Combines is also established here.
So far as the Police administration, the State Government divided District Sangrur into two parts i.e. Police District Barnala comprising of Sub-Divisions Barnala, Tapa and Mehal Kalan and rest area for the District Sangrur. As such Police District Barnala came into existence w.e.f. 16.12.1991 with Police Stations City Barnala, Sadar Barnala, Dhanaula, Tappa, Sehna, Bhadaur, Mehal Kalan and Sherpur. This Police District was converted into revenue district on 10-11-2006  during which Police Station Sherpur was transferred to District Sangrur and new Police Stations Rureke Kalan, Tallewal, Thuliwal came into existence. At present following three Sub-Divisions and 10 Police Stations falls under the jurisdiction of this district. Sh. Surjit Singh Dhillon was the first to be appointed as Deputy Commissioner of District Barnala and Sh.S.K Asthana, IPS was Senior Superintendent of Police. District Police Offices (DPO) were shifted to newly constructed District Administrative Complex on 04-03-2015:-

1)   Sub-Division Barnala 2)   Sub-Division Tapa 3)      Sub-Division Mehal Kalan
1. PS City-1 Barnala 1. PS Tapa 1. PS Mehal kalan
2. PS City-2 Barnala (Temporary) 2. PS Rureke Kalan 2.PS Tallewal
3. PS Sadar Barnala 3. PS Sehna 3.PS Thulliwal
3. PS Dhanaula   4. PS Bhadaur

 Area and Boundaries:- District Barnala having an area of 4,28,993 Sq. Acres. It is a centrally located district bordered by Ludhiana district on the north, Moga district on northwest, Bathinda district on west and by Sangrur district on all other sides. Barnala is located at 30.3819446 N 75.5467979 E geographically.

Population:  According to 2011 census population of this district is approximately 7, 25,530. Out of the entire population, the population of males of Barnala District is 3, 92,700 whereas female is 3, 22,830.
Barnala have following two Tehsils and three Sub-Tehsils :-

Tehsils Sub-Tehsils
1. Barnala 1. Bhadaur
2. Tapa 2. Dhanaula
3. Mehal Kalan

Blocks of District Barnala :- The district is divided into 3 development blocks. The list of blocks is given below: 1) Barnala  2) Mehal Kalan  3) Sehna

Villages/Cities/Towns :- District Barnala has 148 Villages, 1 City and 3 Towns, 5 Municipal Committees and 1 Nagar Panchayat. The Cities/Towns/M.Cs and Nagar Panchayat of this district are:-

Cities Towns Market Committeesn Nagar Panchayatn
1. Barnala 1. Dhanaula 1. Barnala 1. Handiaya
2. Tapa 2. Dhanaula
3. Bhadaur 3. Tapa
4. Bhadaur
5. Mehal kalan

Area of District Barnala falls in the jurisdiction of Parliamentary Constituency Sangrur-12 along with Assembly Constituencies Bhadaur-102, Barnala-103 and Mehal Kalan-104.